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6 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Close

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A functional garage door is crucial for convenient entry into your home. Of course, a garage door that won’t close disrupts your daily routine and leaves your home vulnerable to intruders.

Understanding the common reasons behind this problem helps you troubleshoot it before calling a technician. Here are six probable causes and the most likely solutions to get your garage door back on track.

1. The Track Is Out of Alignment

One cause of a malfunctioning garage door is a misaligned track. The track on either side of the door guides the rollers so they open and close smoothly. When a track is misaligned, the door can’t move properly.

Check for gaps between the rollers and the rail or for bends in the rails. Slight misalignments can often be fixed by loosening the screws that hold the track to the frame, gently adjusting it and then retightening the screws.

However, significant bending or damage to the tracks might require professional intervention. If the door is visibly off its track, it’s safer to call a technician rather than attempt a major repair yourself.

2. Broken Springs

Springs are crucial for balancing the garage door’s weight, making it easier to open and close. If the springs break, the door might not move at all. Signs of broken springs include a loud noise when the break occurs, a door that falls too quickly or one that won’t open fully.

Due to the high tension in garage door springs, attempting to replace them yourself can be dangerous. This task is best left to professionals with the proper tools and training to make repairs safely.

3. Dirty or Blocked Sensors

Modern garage doors include sensors that prevent the door from closing on objects or people in its path. Dirt, spider webs or loose debris can block these sensors, making them unable to function correctly.

If your door closes partially and then reverses or doesn’t close at all, blocked sensors might be to blame. Clean the sensors with a soft cloth to make them work again. While cleaning is simple, more serious sensor issues may require professional diagnosis and repair.

4. Misaligned Sensors

Similar to blockages, sensor misalignment prevents your garage door from closing. The sensors must face each other directly; being even slightly crooked can disrupt the operation.

You can often realign sensors by adjusting them until the indicator lights show they’re properly aligned. Avoid common mistakes like overtightening the bracket, which can cause the sensor to shift out of alignment over time.

5. Malfunctioning Remote Control or Wall Switch

A faulty door remote or wall switch could also be why your garage door won’t close. Sometimes, the fix is as simple as replacing the batteries in your remote or checking if the wall switch is connected properly.

Make sure there are no loose wires or signs of damage. If new batteries and a wall switch adjustment don’t fix the problem, call a technician.

6. Power Outage or Disconnection

A power outage or disconnection in the system might interrupt your garage door’s operation. Make sure your door opener is plugged in and check your circuit breaker panel. Sometimes, power issues can be resolved by simply resetting the breaker. However, persistent issues may indicate a deeper problem, so consider consulting an electrician.

Why Choose Us for Garage Door Repair?

A malfunctioning garage door disrupts your daily routine and compromises home security. Whether the underlying cause is a misaligned track, broken spring, sensor issue or something else, Overhead Door Co. of Burlington is here to help.

Backed by over 95 years of brand reputation for quality and expertise, our third-generation, family-owned business is among the largest in northern New England. We’re not just a garage door service provider — we’re your neighbors.

The next time your garage door won’t close, contact our team to schedule a repair.

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